The Alder(wo)men

Chris Benson

chris-benson-bioChris works terrifically hard at his publishing job in the English city of Bristol. He lives in quiet obscurity with no cats. He also rides a bicycle quite regularly and plays a lot of sport, often with a hangover and sometimes gently under the influence.

Twitter: @bensonchris


Richard W H Bray

richard-bray-bioRichard W H Bray is an author and winemaker. His first book, Salt & Old Vines, a memoir of the several vintages worked in the South of France, was released in April 2014 and won the Gourmand UK award for Best French Wine Book. Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, he’s lived in the UK for 26 years but never lost his accent. Salt & Old Vines can be found at Unbound, on Amazon, and at discerning book shops. His next book, a novel, can be preordered here.

Website: Twitter: @RWHBray

Chloe Brooks

chloe-brooks-byline-snapChloe (currently based in Berlin) works as an artist. She has shown in solo and group exhibitions throughout the UK and Europe.

Website: Twitter: @BrooksChloe


Paul Fishman

Fishman-bucketPaul is a freelance writer, editor and all-round ink-slinger; he’s also the managing editor of Alderman Lushington.

Website: Twitter: @fishmandeville


Andy Hamilton

Gin in the morningAndy had his first alcoholic drink at eight and has never looked back. He now works as a freelance drunkard and does many booze related things to earn a crust. These include taking people out into the woods and teaching them how to make booze from wild plants, writing about booze in his books, the bestselling Booze for Free, the in-depth treatise on beer, Brewing Britain, and more recently the book he is working on, Wild Booze and Hedgerow Cocktails. He often writes for the Telegraph and occasionally for the Guardian. He’s also been know to help various establishments design their own signature drinks. Andy is known as one of the politest people in the drinks industry, he never swears and is always convivial and never an incompressible drunk. Honest. And he really is the editor at large for Alderman Lushington.

Twitter: @andyrhamilton Website: The Other Andy Hamilton

Felicity Inkpen

Felicity-Inkpen-bio-snapFelicity Inkpen is chronically indecisive, and has thus far pursued careers in art, physics, publishing, and now neuroscience. Her writing could charitably be described as “sporadic”, and she’ll have a Hendrick’s and tonic with cucumber, if you’re buying.

Website: Twitter: @felicityinkpen


Jeff Lewandowski

jeff-lewandowski-bylineJeff is a publishing professional by day. By moonlight he does baseball geek stuff and serves as US/Americas editor for Alderman Lushington. On Sunday mornings he wears a baseball player costume and seeks glory on the diamond. Jeff was born and raised in Massachusetts, but currently enjoys drink, drinkers and drinking near his home, about halfway between Baltimore and Washington, DC, and wherever else his travels take him.



Lionheart-1Lionheart is a gin fan based in the south-west of England.

To find out more and to get in touch, visit his website 200gins.


Lost Tycoon

lost-tycoon-profileThe Lost Tycoon is a melancholy international businessman, drunkard and sod.



 Robert Pedder

robert-pedder-bylineRobert Pedder, northerner, drinkener, occasional scrivener. Blogs at blogshed69@Wordpress, Twitter @pedge300. Will tweet for food.



Alena Pergl-Wilson

Alena is a semi-retired restaurateur. She travels a great deal, with a particular interest in and fondness for India, while she also runs a very small bed and breakfast with her husband, Roger: Annesdale House. Roger is head chef at Cedar Manor hotel in Windermere, at the heart of the English Lake District. Alena’s interests outside of food and wine are diverse; she is a qualified yoga teacher and has a degree in philosophy from Lancaster University.

Ben Skuse

BenS photoBen is a science writer, editor and recovering mathematician who lives in the heart of the West Country in the UK. Now a father and husband with far less time for drinking and convivial conversation, Ben occasionally writes for the Alderman to remind him of a long-lost, carefree and booze-fuelled former existence.

Website: Twitter: @BenSkuseSciComm


Sarah Toms

sarah-toms-aldermanSarah is from Canvey Island in Essex, she is a trained palaeontologist, but now works in publishing. She enjoys wine, beer, cider and malt whisky, while being partial to an occasional cocktail.



Rob Vetere

rob-vetere-bylineRob, aka Bobby V in exclusive circles, between rounds of golf and beer drinking makes time to manage a downtown bar in San Diego, CA. Originally from West Newbury, MA, the beautiful Left Coast has become his adoptive home.



Owen Williams

Owen-Williams-AldermanOwen is a journalist specialising in film. He’s a regular contributor to Empire and Fangoria, and his work has also been published in The Guardian, Rue Morgue, GamesTM, All About History and various places elsewhere. He lives in Yorkshire with an academic and a cat. He mostly writes for print, but collects his haphazard online articles here. Twitter—@FlexibleHead.